Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Maddox, 1 Month

Maddox, 1 MONTH

  • Weighs 9 pounds, 7 ounces
  • Wears size newborn diapers and newborn clothing
  • Eyelashes are coming in
  • His eyes are still blue
  • Sleeps like a log
  • Surprisingly loves tummy time
  • Spits up constantly

Nicknames: Buggy

  • Tummy time
  • Bath time
  • Sleeping on mom and dad
  • Making the funniest faces
  • The carseat 

  • First real bath
  • First naps in crib (you did so well!)
  • Visitors-everyone loves you, obviously

Eating: Maddox nurses about every 3 hours. At night, he eats about every 4-5 hours. The pediatrician gave us the green light to not wake him at night to feed, as he was gaining weight super well. We have a chubby boy on our hands.

Sleeping: Sleep is going well! Maddox sleeps for 2 hours at a time. Most of the time we have to wake him to feed him. I swear this kid could sleep all day if we let him! He also does super well at night, only waking one time to nurse. We really couldn't have asked for a better baby.

We definitely have the best baby in the whole world. We're so in love with him and are so happy that Maddox made us parents.