Monday, June 18, 2018

Bumpdate Week 18

It has been a long while since I last blogged! It has been kind of refreshing actually. Major props to the full time bloggers who balance this world with children, other jobs, and spouses. It's really tough to stay consistent and they're killing it. You guys rock!

I've been documenting my pregnancy in my phone so far, but felt like I should make a strong effort to update here too, so that I can go back and always remember these sweet memories. 

Life is so precious and I feel so fortunate to be chosen to be this sweet baby's mommy.

Week 18

Due Date: November 18th
How far along: 18 weeks
Size of baby: 5.5 inches long and weighs about 6.5 oz!
Total weight gain: 1 pound
Maternity clothes: No maternity clothing purchases yet. Mostly sticking to light dresses and stretchy shorts. I do see some new purchases in the near future though.
Stretch marks: None! I've been using Bio Oil pretty religiously every morning and every night to prevent them.
Sleep: My sleep hasn't been my most comfortable! I typically wake up in the middle of the night with a backache and have to switch sides. I'm naturally a back sleeper, so it's been difficult to get used to sleeping another way.
Best moment of the week: I've felt several sweet little kicks this week! It's nothing like I've ever felt before, so I'm sure that it was! Surreal!
Miss anything: After a long/hot walk with a friend yesterday, a really cold beer sounded amaaaaazing.
Movement: Several little kicks this week! So crazy!
Food cravings: I'm really into milk, water, and cereal right now!
Anything making you queasy or sick: I've been so lucky with no sickness so far. Certain foods will randomly turn me off but nothing consistent. 
Have you started to show yet: Yep! Although I feel like I'm on the smaller side of people who are in the same position as I am. The doctor isn't concerned, so I guess I shouldn't be either. :)
Gender: We found out that Baby Allen is a.....BOY!
Labor signs: Nope. Fingers crossed that won't be for a long while.
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off: On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to:  Our babymoon to California next Friday! 
My hope is that I update on the blog every other week for you guys. Our next appointment will be after we come back from California, and I'm so excited because we'll be able to see him again! Till then!