Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday {2.22.17}

During school breaks are the only time that you'll hear me say that I'm sad it's already Wednesday. Slow the week down please! 

It's the end of February and that means that it's time for a What's Up Wednesday! 

I'm linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Melissa to share what's been happening since the last time we caught up! 

The questions that we answer are as follows...

What we're eating this week

This month is all about making sure to eat right. I've been doing a lot of smoothie bowls like the one seen below. It's delicious and surprisingly filling too! 

We've also been making homemade and healthy copycat Chipotle burrito bowls, grilled Italian chicken and spaghetti squash just to name a few things! I'm proud of how well I'm doing with eating more healthy considering this girl will throw down on a cheeseburger without a second thought.

What I'm reminiscing about 

What I'm loving

Can you spot the similarity between all of these photos? I cannot stop wearing these Adidas Superstars. They literally match with everything and they're so easy to throw on. I've blogged about them several times already but if you missed it, make sure you order a whole size down from your normal size. I typically wear an 8.5, but had to buy a 7.5 in these! 

Find them here

What we've been up to

Same old things! A lot of work and a lot of grad school.

What I'm dreading

I'm dreading moving to a new school next year. Our school was so old that they're rebuilding a whole new school for us and moving into it over the summer is going to be ROUGH.

What I'm working on

Lots of new jewelry! Even though it's already the end of February, it has been very warm here down in GA. We're starting to transition into more spring looks to compliment any outfit ranging from sundresses to jeans and booties.

Find any of the necklaces above here

What I'm excited about

Yesterday I hosted a Bachelor viewing party with lots of friends from work. I'm excited to share more about that with you tomorrow!

I'm also super excited to celebrate 7 years with Ryan at the beginning of March! Time has flown SO FAST and I cannot believe we're celebrating 7 years in love!

What I'm watching/reading

I'm finally caught up on This is Us. Y'all, this show is easily in my top 3 favorites of ALL TIME! If you aren't watching it's probably because you don't own a television because let's face it.... #biggestcraze

I'm also finishing my fourth book of the month! Check back in on the 27th to see what I read this month! So far there have been 3 GREAT ones and one snoozer.

What I'm listening to

I'm listening to a lot of music on my running playlist recently! Lots of pick me up tunes to get my adrenaline going!

What I'm wearing

Nothing particularly interesting or new! That means it time to go shopping! ;)

What I'm doing this weekend

Nothing planned quite yet!

What I'm looking forward to next month

Celebrating 7 years with the one I love! Take a look at some pictures throughout our relationship!


The year of the motorcycle accident. You can't even imagine how grateful I am for this pictures existence.

Have to get that free Chick-Fila

What else is new

I've already mentioned this, but a girlfriend and I are headed to Miami in a few weeks! Looking forward to some sun and cocktails!

What is my favorite beauty product

Does dry shampoo count as a beauty product? If it does, Bastiste is my fav! It's inexpensive and gets the job done!

Come back tomorrow for a recap of my Bachelor viewing party last night! :)



  1. Miami sounds good right about now! I hate packing my classroom, but when I moved into a brand new room, it was really nice! Happy Wednesday!

  2. I love that necklace, jean jacket and dress combo! Those smoothie bowls sound delicious too, I'm working on not downing cheeseburgers too lol. Love these posts!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  3. Um, those necklaces are beautiful!!! I'll be keeping a look out for your spring stuff. :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE that top necklace. So very pretty!!! Miami sounds lovely!

  5. Hooray for a new classroom! Although I'm sure the packing will stink, a bright cheerful room will be great!

  6. Hose smoothie bowls look to-due for!!!