Monday, February 6, 2017


Today is a sad, sad day in Atlanta.

Our Falcons worked so hard this season and deserved to win last night. Don't worry though, we'll be back next year. Just wait.

This was a very busy weekend! 

Let's recap:

On Saturday, we celebrated one of my best friends birthdays. We had dinner at O-Ku, a sushi restaurant in Midtown. Oh my goodness, this might have been the best sushi that I've ever had!

After dinner, we headed to Little Trouble, a bar down the road. 

Little Trouble


Lots of trouble. ;)

It was a great time celebrating my bestie, Allison. Twenty-six never looked so good!

On Sunday, we woke up ready to RISE UP for the Super Bowl! We were hosting a little shindig at the house, so we got up early and ran errands for everything that we needed. I made a relatively healthier Bean and Corn dip, my traditional Buffalo Chicken Dip, Rotel Dip, party meatballs, and a cheese tray. While I got full on apps, the boys cooked hot dogs and brats on the grill. 

Food- check. Balloons-check. Large screen for best view-check. We're ready!

This was taken while we were still on top. The look of disappointment hadn't settled in yet. 

Unfortunately we lost in overtime. Pretty cool that history was made with going into overtime during the Super Bowl though.

How was your weekend?

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Have a great Monday, everyone!



  1. I'm not an Atlanta fan (go Vikes!) but I was REALLY hoping they'd win! :( Great game though!
    Love your blog!

    1. Thanks, Jen! It was a sad day for us! Hope your Monday was wonderful!

  2. Aww your cheese tray is super cute! Happy Monday!

  3. I was rooting for the falcons, too! What a crazy game. Your spread looks awesome, though!

    1. Thanks, Emily!! It was a fun day but a sad night!

  4. I was so rooting for the Falcons and couldn't believe it when my husband woke me up to tell me the Patriots were going to win! Noooo! The Falcons are the true winners in my book!