Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites {2.24.17}

It's Friday once again, folks! It's my absolute favorite day of the week because not only do I get read all of your favorites, but it's almost the weekend!!!!

As always, I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share some of my favorites with you!

This week I found the most amazing website! Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner is personalized to YOU and your hair care needs! You fill out a hair profile and give specifics for what your hair needs to be healthy, and they create a formula just for you! Compared to other high quality hair products, these aren't that expensive either. I cannot wait to get mine in the mail!

Find them here

This week I shared my Bachelor viewing party with you all and that's definitely a favorite from this week. I just love get togethers with the girls! 

It wouldn't be a Friday Favorite if I didn't mention new styles in our Etsy shop! We've added our Stacked bracelet collection! Be sure to check them out! :)

Find us here

I've been searching for the best wedge sandals for the spring season and I think I finally found the perfect pair! Hopefully they look just as great on my feet! I can't wait to wear these babies with some white skinnies! 

Find them here

For those of you who followed my detox yesterday, here's my update for today:

Day 2

9:30 - First drink of the day and I'm ready to get this detox over with. I slept GREAT last night but woke up with a headache. It quickly went away after a cup of the juice.

12:30 - Doing great! Not really hungry at all. It's crazy how your body adjusts to changes so quickly.

2:30 - Feeling great! My skin feels like it's glowing and I have lots of energy.

6:30 - Almost done with the gallon already. I have to pace myself in order to have something to drink later.

8:30 - Last glass of the night! Feels awesome to be done!

As far as my thoughts on the whole process, they are as follows:

- The first day is the hardest by far! 
- The second day you have lots of energy
- If you're not a big liquid drinker, getting through the gallons will be hard
- You have to use the restroom approx. 15 times each hour lol
- Drinking water along with the juice is nearly impossible
- I feel awesome and want to keep my body full of fresh and healthy foods.
- Lost exactly 3 pounds, which I assume is water weight.

It was a good experience and I would recommend it to anyone looking to cleanse their bodies and get a nice "reboot!"

That's all for this week! I hope everyone has the best weekend!

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  1. Alright you've really got me considering the detox thing! Did it make you nauseated at all?

    1. Not at all! The juice is tolerable the first day and I kind of enjoyed drinking it on the second day!

  2. Glad to hear your juicing went well! I tried Soja with a coupon, and after a SIP, I quit! It was awful! Love the necklace and wedges- have a great weekend- teacher countdown to spring break is ON!

  3. Obsessed with those wedge sandals!! #musthave

  4. I love your bachelor viewing party treats! Those wedges are gorgeous! Jess at Just Jess

  5. That shampoo sounds amazing! ANd I love those sandals!

  6. That shampoo sounds amazing, I'm definitely going to look into it! Thanks for the suggestion! Also your The Bachelor viewing party looks like it was so much fun! The decor is adorable!! I followed you and would love if you'd follow me back!

    xo, Sarah