Monday, February 27, 2017

February Book Review {2017}

Monday, Monday, Monday.

To be honest, I'm ready to conquer the next several weeks with all of this warm, beautiful weather! Here in Atlanta, it has been in the 70's and sunny for the past few days. As far as I'm concerned, it can stay that way for as long as it wants!

It's one of my FAVORITE posts of the month because today I'm sharing all of the wonderful books I read in February! Just like last month, I have four great recommendations and one that you could probably skip over.

This quote is so accurate. 

Let's start with the not-so-great book to go ahead and get it out of the way!

When reading the synopsis of this book, it sounded intriguing and I had to check it out even though I don't know anyone who's ever read it. Sisters One, Two, Three wasn't a bad book, it was just very long, drawn out and if I'm being brutally honest, kind of boring. Another downside is that one of the main characters, Glory, was unbearably annoying. 

Sisters One, Two, Three is about a family who is tragically affected by an accident on Martha's Vineyard long ago when the children were young. The family's long kept secret comes to light at the same time that Ginger, one of the sisters is having trouble with her rebellious teenage daughter. How will Ginger deal with the troubles of today, and also the fear of the past?

I would rate this book 2.5 out of 5

I said this last month but Shay over at Mix and Match Mama has gotten me totally hooked on Elin Hilderbrand books. I haven't yet gotten to one that I don't like, and I have a feeling that I probably won't. Winter Street is the first book of the only series that Elin Hilderbrand has written. I loooooooved this book and was able to read the entire thing in a few hours.

Winter Street is set in Nantucket, where father Kelley Quinn lives with his wife and his four children. Their family owns and runs Nantucket's Winter Street Inn and are all at very different stages of their lives. As the family prepares for Winter Stroll Weekend at the Inn, Kelley walks in on Mitzi (his wife) kissing Santa Claus. As if the Quinn children don't have enough drama going on in their lives, Kelley now has some of his own. Who will save Winter Stroll Weekend and keep their holiday traditions alive?

I give this book a 4.5 out of 5

Of course after I blew through Winter Street, I had to run out and pick up Winter Stroll, the sequel. I breezed through this one just as fast as the last! The second book of this series did not disappoint and now I need to pick up the third book because I'm dying to know how things work out for these characters! For those of you who have read these books, does Mitzi remind you of Frankie, Lily Tomlin's character from Grace and Frankie? She's the exact face that I picture for Mitzi.

Winter Stroll takes place a year after the last book ended, once again being Winter Stroll Weekend in Nantucket. The past year has been a difficult one for Kelley Quinn, as one of his children is missing in the Middle East, another serving time in jail, and his wife living her new life with Santa. When Mitzi shows back up at the Inn, Kelley is forced to deal with his mixed emotions of missing his wife and being angry at her for what she did. How will Winter Stroll Weekend be successful with life not being as years past?

I give this one a 4.5 out of 5

Oh my goodness. If I had to give one word that would describe this book, it would be sweet. I didn't anticipate liking this book as much as I did. The personality of Ove and the neighbors were just so endearing and also funny.

A Man Called Ove is about a very grumpy man who considers himself the keeper of the neighborhood. In Ove's mind, no other idiots in the neighborhood would be able to handle anything on their own. A new family moves in across the street and challenges Ove's strict principles and his rigid personality. This is a great book that shows life is much better lived in the company of others.

I give this one a 4.5 out of 5

Last but not least, my favorite book of the month. Lots of people have recommended this one to me and I was super excited to read it! I can't even describe how good this book was and I haven't stopped thinking about it since I finished the last page. I have never had such a vast array of emotions while reading one book. I felt everything from frustration, to love, anger and sympathy all while reading It Ends With Us. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy right now. Seriously, click here to buy it now. 

It Ends With Us begins with Lily, a girl working hard to make her way into the world. One night she meets Ryle, a super attractive neurosurgeon.  His attraction towards her is electrifying and undeniable. Lily can't stop thinking about him, even when he tells her that he is unable to give her what she wants out of their connection. About the same time, Lily's childhood love pops back into her life, threatening to ruin any future with Ryle. 

This one gets a whopping 5 out of 5

Whew! I consider this month a huge success! Looking forward to great suggestions for March! 



  1. I've got to step up my reading game again. I've heard man people who liked 'Ove,' I think you just convinced me to try it!

  2. This is Us is so good. One of my favorites for sure. I love Elin Hilderbrand but I haven't read her winter series yet. I need to do that.

  3. Once I finish all of the books on my shelves and can buy new ones, I'm for sure going to try It Ends With Us. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I have just recently started reading your blog and this is the first book review I have read of yours. I have already read all but 2 of the books above and agree with your ratings, so next on the list will be "A Man Called Ove". My question for you is, what do you do with the books when you are done reading them? I have read only a handful of books on my iPad, and still prefer a copy to hold in my hand, however, I will only read a book one time. So, I have a stack of perfect condition books and don't know what to do with them? Any recommendations?

    1. Well thanks so much for finding my blog! I'm glad you're here! I have an obsession with physical copies of books and don't like getting rid of them when I'm done. Right now, they're filling up a bookshelf in a bonus room. I do have some stores that buy books back from you near my house. I'm sure I'll have to entertain that eventually!!

  5. I want to read Winter Street and Winter Stroll so much! But with the seasons changing, I feel I should keep it on my list until next Winter.

  6. I'm obsessed with Elin Hilderbrand books too! I think I've read almost all of them and I even re-read them all the time (re-listen I should say, since I'm an Audible fan). It Ends With Us was amazing too! I've had A Man Called Ove on my list for awhile now. I need to make an effort to get that one read as well. :) Love book review posts!!

  7. I've heard such good things about that last one!!

  8. Wow you read a lot this month. I have heard a lot of good things about Elin Hilderbrand and will check out her books.

  9. Great work for books review! Looking forward to your next post!