Monday, January 16, 2017

Stitch Fix Review #4

Happy Monday, everyone! I would be in a crummy mood, but I don't have to go back to school until tomorrow! Super thankful for this short week!

Today I'm reviewing my Stitch Fix for the month of January. I've actually belonged to Stitch Fix for about a year now, but it's only the fourth time that I've done a review.

This month, I was not so impressed.

Having Ry take pictures of me is quite the task. He makes me laugh so much that I can hardly keep it together.

Item #1
Pixels Patata Taux Suede Pocket Knit Top
Fit: A tad too tight for my liking.
Price:  $44
Verdict: Returned
Why: I thought that the faux suede pocket on this top was super cheesy. The shirt just felt cheap over all and not worth the price. 

Item #2
Alice Blue Hacienda Lace Sleeve Blouse
Fit: Too short and would reveal midsection if I were to raise my arms. No ma'am.
Price:  $48
Verdict: Returned
Why: I'm not sure if the top was too small, or if the fit was just odd, but I didn't like how it looked on my body.

Item #3
Le Lis Rory Open Drape Cardigan
Fit: It fit nicely
Price:  $54
Verdict: Returned
Why: The cardigan was alright, but I wasn't a huge fan on the color. I wear a lot of dark jeans, and it wouldn't look right.

Item #4
Bay to Baubles Sharlene Metal Lace Cuff
Fit: I think my arms are too small for large metal cuffs- it was awkward.
Price:  $28
Verdict: Return
Why: I'm not a fan of super chunky jewelry

Item #5
Margaret M Labelle Asymmetrical Skirt
Fit: Alright
Price:  $74
Verdict: Returned
Why: I wanted to like this skirt so much. I wore it around the house for a bit to see how it felt, but the skirt rode up so badly while walking around. I hate tugging and pulling at clothes while wearing them, so I couldn't bring myself to buy it. Bummer.

This month was a complete bust. I have to say that I might cancel my subscription. Don't get me wrong, the clothes are very cute. They just don't completely align with my style. 

I suppose it'll be something to think about. I do love seeing that little box on my doorstep! 

I'll see you all tomorrow!


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  1. So happy to have an extra day off this weekend! Have a good Monday at home!