Monday, December 19, 2016

Stitch Fix Review #3

Three more days until Winter break, and all teachers said amen.

Today I'm sharing my Stitch Fix #3 review! This one was a great one, which redeemed itself after a few months of disappointment.

I apologize for the pictures, as it was super rainy this weekend and I wasn't able to get pictures outside.

Item #1
Liverpool Jason Scuba Skinny Pant
Fit: AMAZING fit
Price:  $88
Verdict: Keep
Why: These pants are the most comfortable pants I've ever put on my body. They're not leggings because they have buttons and pockets, but not pants because of the very fitted style. I love them!

Item #2
Absolutely Lynne V-Neck Ribbed Knit Top
Fit: Great fit
Price:  $38
Verdict: Returned
Why: Not a huge ribbed material fan. Also, I have approximately 15 black long sleeve shirts, and don't need any more.

Item #3
Skies are Blue Emira Faux Fur Collar Knit Vest
Fit: Great fit
Price:  $68
Verdict: Keep
Why: Very different from my other winter vests. I like that the fur was only on the collar and the rest was a knit material. Very comfy and looked great with the skinnies that I also got in my Fix. Plus, it reminds me of a vest I got last year that I love (see in picture above- from Target)!

Item #4
Mystree Adelene Scoop Neck Cable Knit Sweater
Fit: Great fit
Price:  $68
Verdict: Returned
Why: This sweater was very soft and cute, but not spectacular!

Item #5
Nine Button Kadie Shirt Dress
Fit: Perfect fit- much better than the dress in my last Fix
Price:  $78
Verdict: Keep
Why: This dress was very different from any that I have, so I felt like it could come in handy to have in my closet. Very cute colors that flatter my hair and skin tone.

That was my Fix for the month of December! I told myself last month that if the selection was bad, I would cancel. The Stitch Fix fairies must have heard me because they knocked it out of the park this month!

If you would like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, feel free to click here and join today!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Come back tomorrow for Show and Tell Tuesdays: Favorite Christmas Tradtions. :)



  1. I love that sweater but not at that price. I would have returned it too. And that dress is beautiful! You did good! :)

    1. Thanks so much!! I was very please with this Fix! :)