Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Kindness Recap

I hope everyone had the merriest of Christmases!
Today I'm recapping a little bit about my Countdown to Christmas: Random Acts of Kindness!

If you missed my post at the beginning of the month, click here to here all about my tradition to spread positivity during the month of December.

This year was another strong one! I forget how much fun it is to do these little things each day!

Some of the highlights included:

Taking donuts to the fire station down the road from my house. They were totally surprised with me showing up at the door with two dozen of these babies!

Leaving little notes on public bathroom mirrors! This one is actually hard to do without anyone seeing you!! There's always someone in the dang bathroom!

I hit up multiple bathrooms during my afternoon errands!

Donating to people/pets in need was on the calendar this year. I actually found myself saying "yes" a lot more during check out at the grocery store. $1-$5 can go a long way when enough people say "yes."

Baking cookies for coworkers and my class was so much fun! I was very happy with how my cookies turned out!! This will be on the calendar next year too.

Those were just a few things that were on my list this year. I encourage others to try this with their own children and families! I can't wait to incorporate children into this tradition!

Make sure to stop back tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday!


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