Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! 

If you've been working this week, you're definitely ready for the weekend. If you're a teacher like me, you're crying because you have a limited number of days left off. #struggles.

Today I'm linking up with A Little Bit of Everything, Grace and Love, and Momfessionals to share some of my favorites from the week! This week is a good one, folks! Grab your coffee and settle in. :)

Thanks to the best mom in town, I got the Painted Fox stand that I've been eyeing for months! As soon as I saw this stand, I knew that my kitchen needed it. Now that I have it, I need advice. What the heck do I put on it? I want a mixture of decor with actual useful items for my coffee area. Ideas?

I may have found the most comfortable dress on the planet. Loft doesn't carry this one anymore, but this one is made from the same material. Y'all, it really does feel like the most luxurious cashmere made into a super flattering and easy dress. Pair it with some boots, or wear it with sandals in the spring! You can't go wrong here.

While were looking at the Lou and Grey dress, do you see that darling scarf? I love that it's two-sided and each pattern peeks through.

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I have such a hard time trying to find jewelry to match certain outfits, so I'm often lacking in the accessory department. Oh a whim, I decided why not make jewelry to match various things in my closet!? This is something I threw together this week. What do you think? 

Watch here

I must be living under a rock because I just started the second season of Fuller House! Where have I been? I love that Ryan loves to watch this with me (he's not a big TV person, so I'm happy when we have a chance to watch something together), but I just want to binge watch them in one sitting. Loving what I've seen so far. 

Those are my favorites for the week! I hope everyone enjoys their New Years plans! 

See you all in 2017. :)



  1. Love the dress and that bracelet! Our school vacation is coming to an end, and we forgot to start Fuller House! Yikes! Hopefully my kids and I can squeeze in a few episodes before Tuesday. Happy New Year!

  2. That scarf is gorgeous! And I have no idea what do with that Painted Fox stand, but it's so pretty. I love it! My staycation is winding down too. Makes me very sad... but at te same time, I am so thankful that I had a few days off. Back to the grindstone on Tuesday!! Happy New Year!

  3. I just finished the second season of Fuller House - so cheesy but I just love it!! Love your Painted Fox :) Now to figure out what to put on it?!

  4. Lou and Grey Signaturesoft items are always a favorite for me. They are beyond cozy. I love your Painted Fox in your kitchen and I'm the same way...I never know how to "style" them. Your bracelet you made is darling and I've yet to start the second season of Fuller to get on it. Happy New Year!!!

  5. I've been loving Fuller House too! I just saw it got renewed for season 3 and I'm so happy! :) Happy New Year!