Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving + Review Day

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Typically I wouldn't post today in honor of the holiday, but I needed to fit in my book and Stitch Fix review! Plus, you'll definitely need something to read while recovering from food coma! 

First, let's dive into my book from the week! I read In a Dark, Dark Wood, which was recommended by a friend. There have been a handful of books that I legitimately couldn't put down and this was one of them. I read while getting ready, during commercials for my shows, and even at red lights in the car.

In a Dark, Dark Wood is about a girl named Nora, who attends a hen (bachelorette) weekend in the mountains for a friend that she hasn't spoken to in 10 years. She's confused why she was invited, especially considering the events from 10 years ago that lead Nora out of their town. The events of the weekend turn almost right after her arrival, and eventually lead to an event that destroys everyones lives.

This book keeps you guessing until the very end. 

I'm going to give it 5 stars!

Stitch Fix Review #2

Onto my Stitch Fix review. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. I was very disappointed this month with my Fix. It seemed like my stylist didn't make any selections related to my style.

Item #1

Skies are Blue Ariane Crochet Detail Dress
Fit: I think if this dress were one size up, I might have liked it better.
Price:  $74
Verdict: Returned
Why: Not a huge fan of how high the tie was, and it was a bit too tight.

Item #2

Tinsel Finnmark Faux Suade and Faux Fur Vest
Fit: Great fit and very soft
Price:  $78
Verdict: Returned
Why: I wanted to like this vest but I felt to cowgirl-ish in it.

Item #3

Pixels Warden Split Back Top
Fit: Ok fit- would have been better if the back wasn't split.
Price:  $54
Verdict: Returned
Why: I really liked the pattern of this top, but didn't love the back.

Item #4

Less Charlie Corduroy Legging
Fit: I hated everything about these leggings.
Price:  $88
Verdict: Returned
Why: Is corduroy even in style? Even if it was...corduroy leggings? I was very disappointed in this selection because it couldn't be more opposite of my style. Also, that price point is CRAZY.

Item #5

Bay to Baubles Mally Flattened Matte Hoop Earrings
Fit: Didn't try them on because that's weird. 
Price:  $28
Verdict: Returned
Why: These were cute, but something about them felt suuuuuper cheap. I felt like they could snap with the slightest pressure.

That was my Fix for the month of November. I was so sad, you guys. I'm tempted to cancel this subscription if I get another box like this one. They're going to have to knock it out of the park in December.

Come back tomorrow for Friday Favorites! Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving with your loved ones and delicious food! See you tomorrow!



  1. I have a few friends that use StitchFix and love it. I must just be the ultimate cheapskate because the prices on their clothes are horrendous! If only teachers were paid more!

    1. I'm thinking about canceling because the clothes just aren't worth the price! Amen on being paid more!!

  2. Oh how disappointing about your Fix! Totally understand what you mean about that vest - maybe next time will be better.