Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Day in the Life

You guys, I'm SO excited about this post today! 

It's my very first Day in the Life post! Let me tell you, it is a difficult job to document your entire day! I kept thinking to myself, "Shoot, I needed to get a picture of that!' Will all of that said, it was so much fun!

I choose to document yesterday (the first day of my Thanksgiving break) because when I'm in school, I can't take pictures of the kiddos and post them online. There would just be a huge block of the day missing.

This is what a day in the life looks like for me!

One of the most glorious things about being on a break is the fact that I don't have to set an alarm. How amazing is it to just wake up on your own and not with the annoying music blaring from your phone?

I woke up at  7:20

Here I am looking mighty tired, but so happy to be off work!

First thing, I head right over to make myself some coffee. I wouldn't be able to function without it. Am I the only one who collects those Starbucks mugs? I get them from every major city that I travel to. I love them!  

After spending time browsing around at all of my favorite blogs, I started doing some grad school work. I'm ONE assignment away from the end of the semester. One semester down, and four more to go. It's killing me.

After spending some time doing my research paper, I had to start making a dish that I was taking to a dinner party later that day. The dish always requested is Buffalo Chicken Dip. It's so addicting and so, so easy! I'll post the recipe later this week.

Once that was put together, I headed back into my room to make the bed. I HATE an unmade bed. I'm super particular about certain things and this is one of them. Even if it's late at night, and the bed is unmade for some crazy reason, I have to straighten it up and "make it" before I get in it to go to bed. I can't be the only one weird about this.

I usually have really nice euro pillows behind the shams, but those inserts are currently being used for our Christmas couch pillows. #multipurpose

I needed to finish a little laundry from Sunday night, so I folded towels on my bed before hopping in the shower. I get so happy when I see that towels are what needs to be folded. I would choose folding towels over clothes any day of the week. 

I hopped in the shower and got ready for the day! After my showers, I like to just sit in my robe and relax for a few minutes. I started this new book Sunday and I cannot put it down. I took my few minutes to read a few chapters of In a Dark, Dark Wood. It is SO good, y'all. I'll be reviewing it on Thursday in greater detail.

I needed to do my hair, but I was in the middle of a really intense part of the book. I literally curled a piece of hair, and read a paragraph, curled a piece of hair, and read a paragraph. This repeated until I was ready to leave the house. #itsthatgood

I had visitors while I got ready.

After much distraction, I was finally ready to leave the house and meet a bestie for lunch.

Christmas music all day, every day.

I met my bestie for lunch at Newk's. This place is one of my favorites, but I never go because there isn't one super close to my house. 

Luckily, there's a new mixed-use development that's about to open really close to me and they added a Newk's. I'm dying waiting for it to open! 

Even they are in the Christmas spirit! I ordered my favorite: half of a pesto chicken sandwich and crab and corn soup! Perfect for a chilly day.

After that, we headed on over to Perimeter Mall and did some shopping! This candy store had me drooling.

All of the Christmas feels!

Just some random pictures of mall stuff. This Anthro place setting was amazing. Winning the lottery would be the only way I would spend $50+ on ONE place setting.

Picking out boots that I want for Christmas! Definitely loving these Sam Edelman's!

After shopping with A, I had to leave for a dinner party. I ran to pick up my dip and headed over to my other friends house.

Back in the car with more Christmas music! This time of year just can be beat. Also, had to stop and grab a coffee. I'll be out later, so I'll need it.

I was the first at my friends house, with everyone else arriving a few minutes after. I had to show you a picture of her kitchen. It's my dream! The glass cabinets, the butcher block counters, the light fixtures....you name it, I want it.

Jill knows how much I love Blue Moon (Shock Top being similar) and she had this pretzel beer for me to try. Sounds weird, but SO good! You have to try it if you're a beer fan!

I was pretty bad about getting pictures after that. We were chatting and I just lost track of time. I ended up heading home around midnight! No worries though, this girl doesn't have work in the morning! What a great feeling.

I just love reading every one else's "Day in the Life,"so I had to try one on my own! 

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  1. Looks like a fun day :) Loved your outfit!

  2. Looks like a fun day. Definitely my kind of day. I hope you have a great week!

  3. These posts are always so great!! You had such a great day! And I love your outfit!

  4. I love these posts too! Gearing up to try out my first one as well. I was totally feeling the same way last year at the this time as I finished up my master's. In addition, I can't stand an unmade bed either!

    1. It's just so grueling! Let's get it over with already! :)

  5. I am the exact same way about an unmade bed! And I can't explain it either. And I'm with you on folding towels. I've learned to wash those first then jeans. That way I can leave all the other stuff in the dryer. Y the time I really have to find it, there's not as many clothes left!

    1. Such a good idea! I also leave things in the dryer and then just "toss" them for a few minutes before I take something out. It's super lazy, I know. :)

  6. We are so alike...I also can't leave the house without making our bed, and I collect Starbucks mugs from places I travel to also!! : ) Your day looks so nice! I'm jealous of your days off for the holiday, all I get is Thursday!

    1. There's something about a made bed that sets the day up for success haha! Also, those mugs are the BEST-soon I'll run out of room in the cabinet!