Tuesday, November 29, 2016

10 Things on Tuesday: Things to do in Atlanta

 Good Morning, All! 

We all survived our first day back at work as functioning adults after the holiday. #amen

Today I'm sharing 10 Things on Tuesday: Things to do in ATL edition! Our city is so much fun and there's always something to do. If you find yourself in the Atlanta area, make sure you include these things on your "to-do" list!


Georgia Aquarium- Our city hosts the biggest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere! I've been twice and it never disappoints! It's the perfect place to spend the afternoon, especially to beat the Georgia heat. They even offer diving with the marine animals as a tour. So fun!


While you're visiting the aquarium, you may as well head next door to the World of Coca Cola! The world of Coke is a museum showcasing the history of the iconic American soda. Inside you'll hear all about the history and secrets that keeps Coca Cola such a mysterious and delicious drink. You'll experience a 4-D movie, see how the Coke is bottled, and even taste sodas from countries all over the world. At the end, everyone gets to take a fresh glass bottle to take with them! This is always so much fun, no matter how many times you've been!


While you're visiting Atlanta, you definitely have to head over to Centennial-Olympic Park. In 1996, Atlanta hosted the Olympics, and this city will never let you forget it. At the park, you can cool off in the Fountain of Rings, which are fountains that shoot water from the shape of the olympic rings. Kids and adults love playing in these fountains in the summer time.  We love coming here to relax, or attend the many concerts that are hosted here. In the winter, they add an ice skating rink to enjoy as well! It's a GREAT park!


The College Football Hall of Fame is something that I'm ashamed to say I haven't visited. I hear nothing but good things though. From the moment you walk in, you pledge allegiance to your team, and register it to your badge. While walking around the museum, you scan your badge at various check points to get information specific to your team.  They have some great, interactive things for kids to do as well. I plan on visiting the Hall of Fame in the summer.


Something that Ryan and I are planning on doing this season is going to The Fox Theatre to see the Nutcracker. The Fox Theatre is a performance arts venue that never ceases to impress.The place is stunning! I felt so fancy and fortunate to have had my senior prom here! You must schedule a performance while in Atlanta. 


Many people love Zoo Atlanta. I used to be obsessed, but since growing older, I'm not the biggest fan of zoos anymore. The only thing that I can think while I'm there is how sad all of the animals look. I know majority of these animals were born in captivity, but I would imagine how much happier they would be in their natural habitats. If you do like zoos though, it's a good one to visit.


 Fernbank Museum of Natural History has always been one of my favorites! Here you'll find all kinds interactive activities for children, IMAX movies, and HUGE dinosaurs! Now that I think about it, this place reminds me of the final scene from Jurassic Park. You know the end when they're all hanging from the bones, while the velociraptors are chasing them? That's exactly what this place looks like. This place is always a hit with young children!


The last few places are some restaurants to visit while in town! Some are my favs and some are just iconic Atlanta places that you have to experience. This first one is the latter. Don't get me wrong, the Varsity is good food, it's just EXTREMELY greasy! If you ask someone in Atlanta where to eat while in the city, the answer will always be the Varsity. There's something about the yell of "What'll ya have?!" that makes you feel like you're in a movie. This restaurant holds the title of the largest drive-in restaurant in the world. They offer both pull up service, as well as sit down service inside. While you're here, order a chill cheese hot dog and a Varsity orange.  YUM.


These last two aren't quintessential of Atlanta, but they're some of my personal favorites! Whether you're local or coming in for a visit, these are two places that will never disappoint. The first is Fox Bros BBQ! This is 100% my favorite barbecue in the city. You'll often have a significant wait here, but it's totally worth it. Grab a beer from the bar and have a seat outside and enjoy your company. My favorite is the smoked chicken plate with spicy green beans and brunswick stew on the side. SO TASTY.


If you ask me where I want to eat and I have FULL say in the matter, I will choose Taqueria Del Sol 100% of the time. This is by far my favorite place to eat. The guacamole, the fish tacos, margaritas, and the corn chowder are to die for! Again, this place ALWAYS has a line going out the door, but it's worth the wait. 

Well, friends...if you ever find yourself down in the peach state, make sure to add some of these places to your list! If you're an Atlanta local, be sure to add any input as well! There are so many great things to do in our city! 



  1. It's always so difficult to come back after the holidays #backtoreality
    PS - Fish tacos YUM!

    1. It really is! I was struggling so badly this morning!

  2. I live locally and want to add a few to your list. The Atlanta History Center is a must see if you haven't been. Lots of history plus an exhibit of the Olympic games. A restaurant we love is Six Feet Under in Grant Park. Great seafood plus a rooftop bar and dining area.

    1. Oh, I've never been there! Great suggestion! I do love Six Feet Under too! Great atmosphere. :) Thanks for stopping by, Diana!

  3. I had the opportunity to visit Coca Cola when I was in college forver ago! Very cool place! Great list!

  4. We have visited quite a few of those places on our way though a few times. Thanks so much for the list.

  5. I went to the aquarium and coke tour when I was last in Atlanta. They are so much fun. Next time I go there for work now I want to see more of the places you listed.

  6. What a great list! Atlanta is FOR SURE on my bucket list - I've never been to the south (only NYC and Washington D.C. on the east coast too) but I am dying to visit. I'll have to reference this someday when I make my travel plans! : )