Tuesday, November 1, 2016

10 Things on Tuesday- Target Edition

Hi there everyone! Hopefully you've fully recovered from your sugar high last night.

I always prepare for trick-or-treaters, but very few come though. That leaves me with a giant bowl of candy and I'm not complaining.

Today I'm sharing 10 Things on Tuesday and this week's edition is:

We've all done it. We say were running to Target to pick up a few things, and next thing you know you've been lost in the store for like two hours and have a cart full of random stuff.

I'd like to meet the creator of Target and shake his hand. He's a marketing genius. You can't just go in and shoot straight for the item you came for. Nope. You've got to make that quarter of a mile loop around the entire store first.

I know I can't be the only one, but here are 10 things that I HAVE to see while I'm in the store. If I don't, I'll be back the next day just be to sure there's nothing new.


The dollar spot. 

Damn this section. You go in thinking that you're so thrifty and next think you know, you've spent $20 on cute pads of paper and cheap holiday decor. I do love it though. I'll be rocking my $3 slippers all winter, y'all.


Clothes, obviously. 

They so conveniently placed it right next to the dollar spot. If I'm spending $20 on nothing, I may as well find a cute, new top too.


Next up is the sock section. I call it the dollar sock section because these adorable socks used to be, well $1.00. They must have thought there was a high demand because of how many I purchased, so they jacked the price up 50%. There's something about llamas wearing scarves, or turtles eating ice cream  that I just can't resist. Am I the only one who buys these? I don't own any plain white socks.



Most of my family and friends know that I cannot and will not ever use an electronic book. I have to buy the physical copy. There's something about the smell of the pages and looking at the cover that gives me the all the heart eyes. I consider myself a pretty avid reader, but every time I visit this section I find 3 more books that I need. Currently reading "Paris for One" by Jojo Moyes. I'll give an update on that soon.


I don't even know what to call this section, but I would consider it the "trendy" area. Don't even get me started when the holiday stuff comes out. At this point, I need grab one of those carts that they strategically place around the store. They know my game. "Why yes, I do need this cart now that I've seen the 20% off sign. Take all of my money, Target.


We're just going to go ahead and lump these two together. Who doesn't look at blankets, and doesn't take a spin in the pillow section. I'm secretly obsessed with couch pillows, and would have different pillows each month if they didn't cost so dang much. Target has some great ones too.


The candle section.

Oh my heavens. Target candles are the best! They're not as expensive as Bath and Body Works and still smell amazing! I think I even smell the same ones each time I go. I'm weird.


We'll go ahead and lump these together too. The kitchen/ dining section is the best! The mugs, bowls, and cooking utensils are always so pretty! Would it be normal to get one of each pattern?


Nail polish!

This one gets me every. single. time. I without a doubt, each time will buy a new nail polish. It's an unhealthy addiction!


This one is probably the strangest part of my weekly trip around Target. Do I have a baby? No. Do I know anyone with a new baby? No. I just can't quit you baby section. 

There's just something about the shoes, handbags, electronics that just don't speak to me. I never go in those areas and I don't get all giddy there.

I can't be the only one who does this!  Thanks for joining me for Ten Things on Tuesday!

See you all tomorrow.



  1. I'm glad someone else has a Target obsession too! I always get stuck in the candle/pillow aisles!

  2. I too share the Target obsession...scary really cause I am a 51 year old mother of 2 with an 18 year old and a twenty something myself. I also haunt those areas not sure if that is scarier for you or me lol. One note tho...love love love the pillows at Target and am currently working on my collection of pillows of the month to go on my ecru leather couch. Just love the seasonal pops of color! But being the thrify Mom I am, I have found very very reasonable pillow covers on Amazon that I put on my pillow forms. They take awhile to receive (slow boat from China)but I mix them in with the Target pillows. In my rounds I also have to check the clearance endcaps (see thrifty Mom comment above).