Tuesday, November 29, 2016

10 Things on Tuesday: Things to do in Atlanta

 Good Morning, All! 

We all survived our first day back at work as functioning adults after the holiday. #amen

Today I'm sharing 10 Things on Tuesday: Things to do in ATL edition! Our city is so much fun and there's always something to do. If you find yourself in the Atlanta area, make sure you include these things on your "to-do" list!


Georgia Aquarium- Our city hosts the biggest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere! I've been twice and it never disappoints! It's the perfect place to spend the afternoon, especially to beat the Georgia heat. They even offer diving with the marine animals as a tour. So fun!


While you're visiting the aquarium, you may as well head next door to the World of Coca Cola! The world of Coke is a museum showcasing the history of the iconic American soda. Inside you'll hear all about the history and secrets that keeps Coca Cola such a mysterious and delicious drink. You'll experience a 4-D movie, see how the Coke is bottled, and even taste sodas from countries all over the world. At the end, everyone gets to take a fresh glass bottle to take with them! This is always so much fun, no matter how many times you've been!


While you're visiting Atlanta, you definitely have to head over to Centennial-Olympic Park. In 1996, Atlanta hosted the Olympics, and this city will never let you forget it. At the park, you can cool off in the Fountain of Rings, which are fountains that shoot water from the shape of the olympic rings. Kids and adults love playing in these fountains in the summer time.  We love coming here to relax, or attend the many concerts that are hosted here. In the winter, they add an ice skating rink to enjoy as well! It's a GREAT park!


The College Football Hall of Fame is something that I'm ashamed to say I haven't visited. I hear nothing but good things though. From the moment you walk in, you pledge allegiance to your team, and register it to your badge. While walking around the museum, you scan your badge at various check points to get information specific to your team.  They have some great, interactive things for kids to do as well. I plan on visiting the Hall of Fame in the summer.


Something that Ryan and I are planning on doing this season is going to The Fox Theatre to see the Nutcracker. The Fox Theatre is a performance arts venue that never ceases to impress.The place is stunning! I felt so fancy and fortunate to have had my senior prom here! You must schedule a performance while in Atlanta. 


Many people love Zoo Atlanta. I used to be obsessed, but since growing older, I'm not the biggest fan of zoos anymore. The only thing that I can think while I'm there is how sad all of the animals look. I know majority of these animals were born in captivity, but I would imagine how much happier they would be in their natural habitats. If you do like zoos though, it's a good one to visit.


 Fernbank Museum of Natural History has always been one of my favorites! Here you'll find all kinds interactive activities for children, IMAX movies, and HUGE dinosaurs! Now that I think about it, this place reminds me of the final scene from Jurassic Park. You know the end when they're all hanging from the bones, while the velociraptors are chasing them? That's exactly what this place looks like. This place is always a hit with young children!


The last few places are some restaurants to visit while in town! Some are my favs and some are just iconic Atlanta places that you have to experience. This first one is the latter. Don't get me wrong, the Varsity is good food, it's just EXTREMELY greasy! If you ask someone in Atlanta where to eat while in the city, the answer will always be the Varsity. There's something about the yell of "What'll ya have?!" that makes you feel like you're in a movie. This restaurant holds the title of the largest drive-in restaurant in the world. They offer both pull up service, as well as sit down service inside. While you're here, order a chill cheese hot dog and a Varsity orange.  YUM.


These last two aren't quintessential of Atlanta, but they're some of my personal favorites! Whether you're local or coming in for a visit, these are two places that will never disappoint. The first is Fox Bros BBQ! This is 100% my favorite barbecue in the city. You'll often have a significant wait here, but it's totally worth it. Grab a beer from the bar and have a seat outside and enjoy your company. My favorite is the smoked chicken plate with spicy green beans and brunswick stew on the side. SO TASTY.


If you ask me where I want to eat and I have FULL say in the matter, I will choose Taqueria Del Sol 100% of the time. This is by far my favorite place to eat. The guacamole, the fish tacos, margaritas, and the corn chowder are to die for! Again, this place ALWAYS has a line going out the door, but it's worth the wait. 

Well, friends...if you ever find yourself down in the peach state, make sure to add some of these places to your list! If you're an Atlanta local, be sure to add any input as well! There are so many great things to do in our city! 


Monday, November 28, 2016

Let's Talk Christmas Traditions

Well, it's Monday. 

My Thanksgiving break is over and I may actually be crying at some point this morning. It was just such a fantastic week off! 

To start the week off right, I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals and Erika from A Little Bit of Everything to talk about Christmas traditions! 

This post is going to lack pictures because I realized how terrible I've been at getting pictures of little things like this. Starting a blog has really made me see the value in taking pictures of certain events/moments.

Christmas Cards

It was only last year that we sent our first picture Christmas card, but normal cards have gone out every year that we've been together (this year will make 7 Christmases!). Making sure to send positive holiday wishes to our family and friends has been a tradition each year.

2015 Christmas card


On Christmas morning, the stockings ALWAYS come first. When I was little, this was the tradition with my parents, and it just continued through my adulthood. This is engrained in my Christmas morning, and it'll continue to be that way when I have children too. It's just so fun to see what little surprises are in that stocking! My mom is the BEST stocking stuffer, so there's always some great stuff!

Christmas Lights

We always make it a point to drive around and look at people's Christmas lights. We pick a night after dinner, drive around drinking hot chocolate/coffee, and look at the pretty Christmas lights around our town. There are several houses who go all out with decorations, and it's always fun to see what they've done each year.

Christmas Movies

ABC's 25 Days of Christmas is a favorite around our house. We look at the schedule at the beginning of the month, figure out which ones we want to see, and plan accordingly. Our favorite Christmas movies that don't play on ABC end up filling in the other nights.There's nothing better than curling up on the couch with a fire crackling, while watching a holiday movie! 

Christmas Eve

It has always been a tradition in my family to open one present on Christmas Eve. When I was a kid, it ranged from cute pajamas to books or movies. My mom continues this tradition every year, but it has since evolved to family games. Every year on Christmas Eve, she comes over and we open the Christmas Eve gift (always a game) and then we all play together. This is by far one of my favorite traditions and one that I'll continue with my children. Some of the hit games have been:

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens in Atlanta host the most beautiful Christmas decorations that I've ever seen. You park the car, and walk around the gardens looking at the beautiful lights and listening to the music. They serve beer/wine/coffee/hot chocolate to keep you warm while you're walking around. So many cool things to do here. It's a tradition that we started a few years ago, and have our trip planned soon. 


This last one is a tradition that I'm actually starting this year. In the next few weeks, Ryan and I are going to attempt to make really pretty Christmas cookies. I've seen these cookies all over Pinterest, and of course I have to try to make them. I'm excited to start this tradition this year! Fingers crossed that it turns out the way that I want!

Those are our Christmas traditions! I'm always up to starting something new, so I'm excited to read about everyone else and what their family traditions are. :)


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving + Review Day

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Typically I wouldn't post today in honor of the holiday, but I needed to fit in my book and Stitch Fix review! Plus, you'll definitely need something to read while recovering from food coma! 

First, let's dive into my book from the week! I read In a Dark, Dark Wood, which was recommended by a friend. There have been a handful of books that I legitimately couldn't put down and this was one of them. I read while getting ready, during commercials for my shows, and even at red lights in the car.

In a Dark, Dark Wood is about a girl named Nora, who attends a hen (bachelorette) weekend in the mountains for a friend that she hasn't spoken to in 10 years. She's confused why she was invited, especially considering the events from 10 years ago that lead Nora out of their town. The events of the weekend turn almost right after her arrival, and eventually lead to an event that destroys everyones lives.

This book keeps you guessing until the very end. 

I'm going to give it 5 stars!

Stitch Fix Review #2

Onto my Stitch Fix review. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. I was very disappointed this month with my Fix. It seemed like my stylist didn't make any selections related to my style.

Item #1

Skies are Blue Ariane Crochet Detail Dress
Fit: I think if this dress were one size up, I might have liked it better.
Price:  $74
Verdict: Returned
Why: Not a huge fan of how high the tie was, and it was a bit too tight.

Item #2

Tinsel Finnmark Faux Suade and Faux Fur Vest
Fit: Great fit and very soft
Price:  $78
Verdict: Returned
Why: I wanted to like this vest but I felt to cowgirl-ish in it.

Item #3

Pixels Warden Split Back Top
Fit: Ok fit- would have been better if the back wasn't split.
Price:  $54
Verdict: Returned
Why: I really liked the pattern of this top, but didn't love the back.

Item #4

Less Charlie Corduroy Legging
Fit: I hated everything about these leggings.
Price:  $88
Verdict: Returned
Why: Is corduroy even in style? Even if it was...corduroy leggings? I was very disappointed in this selection because it couldn't be more opposite of my style. Also, that price point is CRAZY.

Item #5

Bay to Baubles Mally Flattened Matte Hoop Earrings
Fit: Didn't try them on because that's weird. 
Price:  $28
Verdict: Returned
Why: These were cute, but something about them felt suuuuuper cheap. I felt like they could snap with the slightest pressure.

That was my Fix for the month of November. I was so sad, you guys. I'm tempted to cancel this subscription if I get another box like this one. They're going to have to knock it out of the park in December.

Come back tomorrow for Friday Favorites! Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving with your loved ones and delicious food! See you tomorrow!


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I'm sure many of you are preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but thanks for swinging by today!

I want to make two dishes to bring tomorrow, so I'll be spending the greater part of the day figuring that out. Any suggestions are WELCOME!

Well, the last Wednesday of the month is dedicated to What's Up Wednesday and I'll be linking up with Shay, Mel and Sheaffer to talk about what's up!

I will be answering these questions along with the bonus this month: What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

What we're eating this week

Yikes. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this but we've been eating out a whole lot lately. I've been so busy with work and grad school, that I just haven't had time to plan meals or anything like that. I'll jump back on that wagon next month for sure!

What I'm reminiscing about

I'm reminiscing about all of the fall festivals that we attended the past few months. I've been planning Christmas/Winter activities, so I'm feeling nostalgic about all of the fun things that we've done the past few weeks. Here is a look into some highlights:

Ponce City 

Owl-O-Ween Hot Air Balloon Festival 

Cabbagetown Chili Cookoff

What I'm loving

I'm loving the cooler weather! Also, I'm REALLY loving all of the holiday decor when I walk into a store! You know those pretty holiday figures that they attach to light poles? I have all the feels when I see them!

What we've been up to

Nothing unusual. Just work and grad school mostly!

What I'm dreading

I'm not dreading one single thing! The holidays are upon us, and nothing can put a damper on my holiday spirit!

What I'm working on

Hm...I'm working to create some logos for my blog. I love to include graphics and pictures, so I'm trying to improve in that area.

What I'm excited about

One of my besties and I are planning a trip for Me, Ryan, her and her boyfriend this Winter. We're planning a ski/snowboarding trip in North Carolina. If you have any suggestions, those are highly welcomed.

What I'm watching/ reading

I just finished this book tonight. It was SO, SO, SO good! In a Dark, Dark Wood was very mysterious and keep me engaged every single page. I was dying to finish to find out what happened! I'll be doing my book review tomorrow, so stay tuned for more detail on this one.

What I'm listening to

There is nothing but Christmas music coming from my speakers! I have my Pandora station set on Today's Christmas Radio, and it doesn't budge.

What I'm wearing

Many of you liked this outfit from my Day in the Life post this week. I'll post some links from where everything is from!

What I'm doing this weekend

I know this is boring, but we haven't made any plans yet. I typically wait until Thursday or Friday to figure out weekend plans.

What I'm looking forward to next month

Next month is Christmas! I'm looking forward to all of the holiday activities that we have planned. We just enjoy being around each other and family during the holidays. Thinking about hot chocolate, Christmas movies, shopping, and wrapping gifts is a DREAM. I'm so happy that it's all ahead of me! 

What else is new

Many of you have already seen this, but we added a new fur baby to the family. We always rescue our pets, so it feels good to give them  a nice home! This is Todd:

What is my favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

My favorite tradition is to go around the table to say what we're thankful for. Of course the food is great, but gathering your family around the table and giving thanks for the thing that we have, is amazing. 

Thanks for joining me today. May your stress for Thanksgiving preparation be  minimal! Enjoy your families, and have an amazing lunch/dinner!

If you have time tomorrow, I'll have a short post about this weeks book, In a Dark, Dark Wood!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Day in the Life

You guys, I'm SO excited about this post today! 

It's my very first Day in the Life post! Let me tell you, it is a difficult job to document your entire day! I kept thinking to myself, "Shoot, I needed to get a picture of that!' Will all of that said, it was so much fun!

I choose to document yesterday (the first day of my Thanksgiving break) because when I'm in school, I can't take pictures of the kiddos and post them online. There would just be a huge block of the day missing.

This is what a day in the life looks like for me!

One of the most glorious things about being on a break is the fact that I don't have to set an alarm. How amazing is it to just wake up on your own and not with the annoying music blaring from your phone?

I woke up at  7:20

Here I am looking mighty tired, but so happy to be off work!

First thing, I head right over to make myself some coffee. I wouldn't be able to function without it. Am I the only one who collects those Starbucks mugs? I get them from every major city that I travel to. I love them!  

After spending time browsing around at all of my favorite blogs, I started doing some grad school work. I'm ONE assignment away from the end of the semester. One semester down, and four more to go. It's killing me.

After spending some time doing my research paper, I had to start making a dish that I was taking to a dinner party later that day. The dish always requested is Buffalo Chicken Dip. It's so addicting and so, so easy! I'll post the recipe later this week.

Once that was put together, I headed back into my room to make the bed. I HATE an unmade bed. I'm super particular about certain things and this is one of them. Even if it's late at night, and the bed is unmade for some crazy reason, I have to straighten it up and "make it" before I get in it to go to bed. I can't be the only one weird about this.

I usually have really nice euro pillows behind the shams, but those inserts are currently being used for our Christmas couch pillows. #multipurpose

I needed to finish a little laundry from Sunday night, so I folded towels on my bed before hopping in the shower. I get so happy when I see that towels are what needs to be folded. I would choose folding towels over clothes any day of the week. 

I hopped in the shower and got ready for the day! After my showers, I like to just sit in my robe and relax for a few minutes. I started this new book Sunday and I cannot put it down. I took my few minutes to read a few chapters of In a Dark, Dark Wood. It is SO good, y'all. I'll be reviewing it on Thursday in greater detail.

I needed to do my hair, but I was in the middle of a really intense part of the book. I literally curled a piece of hair, and read a paragraph, curled a piece of hair, and read a paragraph. This repeated until I was ready to leave the house. #itsthatgood

I had visitors while I got ready.

After much distraction, I was finally ready to leave the house and meet a bestie for lunch.

Christmas music all day, every day.

I met my bestie for lunch at Newk's. This place is one of my favorites, but I never go because there isn't one super close to my house. 

Luckily, there's a new mixed-use development that's about to open really close to me and they added a Newk's. I'm dying waiting for it to open! 

Even they are in the Christmas spirit! I ordered my favorite: half of a pesto chicken sandwich and crab and corn soup! Perfect for a chilly day.

After that, we headed on over to Perimeter Mall and did some shopping! This candy store had me drooling.

All of the Christmas feels!

Just some random pictures of mall stuff. This Anthro place setting was amazing. Winning the lottery would be the only way I would spend $50+ on ONE place setting.

Picking out boots that I want for Christmas! Definitely loving these Sam Edelman's!

After shopping with A, I had to leave for a dinner party. I ran to pick up my dip and headed over to my other friends house.

Back in the car with more Christmas music! This time of year just can be beat. Also, had to stop and grab a coffee. I'll be out later, so I'll need it.

I was the first at my friends house, with everyone else arriving a few minutes after. I had to show you a picture of her kitchen. It's my dream! The glass cabinets, the butcher block counters, the light fixtures....you name it, I want it.

Jill knows how much I love Blue Moon (Shock Top being similar) and she had this pretzel beer for me to try. Sounds weird, but SO good! You have to try it if you're a beer fan!

I was pretty bad about getting pictures after that. We were chatting and I just lost track of time. I ended up heading home around midnight! No worries though, this girl doesn't have work in the morning! What a great feeling.

I just love reading every one else's "Day in the Life,"so I had to try one on my own! 

Tomorrow i'll be linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for