Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Recap

Here we are at Monday again. I blinked and the weekend was behind us. It's such a sad thing! 

 I love reading other blogger's weekend recaps, so I thought I could share our weekend activities with you all.

Well, the plan was to go to another festival called Festival on Ponce. Ponce de Leon is a very busy and major road in Atlanta, and they often have festivals in the park along the road. We arrived, started to walk around and quickly got bored! There were a ton of vendors, which are always cool to look at, but there was no excitement happening. Here I am on a mission to find something fun.

When I hear the word "festival," I think of music, games, and drinks. Festival on Ponce was non of that! We were disappointed, so we left. Luckily, I had a friend that was on her way to the festival too, so I called her and changed the plan to go to Ponce City Market instead.

You guys, if you live in the Atlanta area and haven't been to Ponce City Market, drop everything that you're doing and go now! This building was the Sears distribution center way back when. They revamped the entire facility and created a place with cool shops, restaurants, flats, and even a rooftop park/bar area!

I could have walked around in this place for hours! They have a Lululemon, West Elm, and Anthro just to name a few. After walking around and having a nice lunch, you can take the kiddos to Skyline Park on top of the building!

The giant elevator that takes you to the top. The attendant gives you the history of the building all the way up, which I thought was a cool touch. Once up at the top, you have Skyline Park, and also a rental space for weddings and parties. Even though they've only been open about a year, I can't believe I hadn't been there yet.

I've never been here at night, but I bet it's awesome with the string lights and the skyline of midtown and downtown. 

Here is a view of midtown from the restaurant balcony.

We had a great time! 

If you have children, they would LOVE it as well. There were a couple birthday parties happening and it's a small enough area to let kids walk around with their friends, but not so small that was super crowded.

Had to get a picture with this one! Such cool views of the city, and the retro design of the park! I want to live here now! I could imagine that the apartments are off the chain expensive.

In the end it was a nice, spontaneous change in plans. The rest of the weekend was full of cleaning and getting grad school work finished.

What kind of excitement did you get into over the weekend?

Thanks for visiting! I'll be back tomorrow to give my travel suggestions for Paris and London!


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