Thursday, August 13, 2015

At It Again

This post is a couple weeks late. Better late than never, right?

The latest project around the Zinsmeister/Allen household is our new outside couch and chair that I built! I was so excited about this project, it only took maybe 4 hours to build the whole thing. Super simple thanks to Ana White!

I'll post the pictures of the process, but I have yet to buy cushions for either of them. Good quality outdoor cushions are EXPENSIVE! I'll need 4 bottom cushions and then 4 back cushions. I've seen that Pier 1 has some good ones, although I want to wait a bit longer to see if they go on sale even more. Other than that, I haven't seen much of anything I want from any other store! Ideas, people?!

Anyway, without further adieu.

My fancy schmancy saw that I got for my birthday! Thanks, Ryan! ;)

Building the seat and arms for the chair.

Boom! Cranked out a couch.

AND a chair!

Screened-in porch. They fit so well. Staining starts tomorrow.

Decided on this color for the stain. The wood won' show much anyway once the cushions are on.

Done! Please give ideas where to find cushions. I'm dying to sit and read a book out there.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kitchen Facelift

Happy Thursday! 

Ever since we bought our house, I have been wanting to redo the kitchen. We were lucky that the previous owner added granite to give it a more updated look. Talk about saving us thousands of dollars.

The cabinets are an older oak color that is definitely not my favorite.

They aren't horrible, but they don't match my personality or personal taste. One of my besties just re-did her kitchen, which is wonderful because bring on the free advice!

I'm hoping to tackle this tedious project before the end of August, since school will be starting soon. 

Here is some of my Pinspirations for this kitchen redo.

I love, love, love the subway tile backsplash!

Also thinking about changing one set of our cabinets to glass fronts. I'm so giddy over the thoughts of this project coming together the way that I have it in my head!

I could go on all day long over the beauty of white kitchens. The white looks sooooo good with granite countertops. Doing all kinds of research so that this doesn't turn out looking like a complete mess. Pinterest literally has everything that you need to know about everything. 

I can't wait to update with me NEW kitchen! Stay tuned!